What is Push Notification? And How it Helps to Improve App Branding

What is Push Notification

Do you know that 43% of the IOS owners and 91% of Android owners have opted-in to get flutter push notifications from the downloaded apps on their mobile screens? It is a proven fact that push notifications have been successful in retaining customers and converting visitors to customers.

Let’s Expound Flutter Push Notifications!

Push notifications are the messages that business applications send to their users’ mobile screens in the form of text messages, images, emojis, creative banners, and so on.

 The app developers can send these flutter push notifications to their users at any time of any day. The staggering quality of using push notifications is that the user can receive a push notification and he/she doesn’t have to be logged into or utilizing the app during that time.

Flutter push notifications have proven to be best friends with marketing as it enables companies to communicate with their users. However, the reverse effect could happen if the push notifications are not strategically handled as these push notifications can irritate your users and they can opt-out from receiving the push notifications or even abandon the app completely.

Now let’s move ahead and discuss push notifications that can help improve your app branding. 

How push notifications save the day!

Old is Definitely Gold!

In the solar system of mobile apps, user retention measures the level of success your app is gaining and its performance. 

It also shows how many users are regularly downloading your app and coming back to you again.

In 2019, a study by Statista, 25% of applications were downloaded by users globally and only used once.

The application also monitors the user’s feedback and suggestions to improve app service, or how users are reacting to various modifications in the app.

All these efforts are to bring users back to your app, but my question to you is what if the user never comes back to the app? Your hard work will give you nothing!

That is where push notifications enter with a ray of light as these pop-ups will work as a reminder to the users of your app’s existence. Push notifications can do wonders for your app if you know how to use them effectively and target your audience.

Increase customer retention like crazy with push notifications!

Talk to your Target!

Do not miss out on the benefits of user engagement offered by push notifications!

Flutter push notifications provide companies with the opportunity to interact with their app users while they are inactive on the app.  

It is a bit of a painful strategy for the app developers where you have to analyze user metrics and data to select what type of content can be used in push notifications, while it is way easier for a user.

All users are required to do is click on the notification banner that comes on their screen, and that is all. The message gets delivered back to your app.

Don’t Settle for Less!

Why only increase app engagement at your app, persuade your users to make a purchase and let push notifications do that for you. These pop-ups will deliver news related to discount offers or a one-time sale that will make it irresistible for your users to get their hands on your products and services. 

Also, you have to do is get creative with these push notifications. If you want to interact with your users through these pop-up notifications, you need to add life to these push notifications.

You can do that by segmenting push notifications into personalized messages based on your users’ interests, geographical location, expectations from the app, and so on.

 That will give your users what they want, and they will consider your app services.

Know the Inside-out Story!

It is always better to track and analyze data related to open rates, delivery receipts, open times, and user engagement rates to measure users’ behavior and also decide on your further actions. That helps you develop better connectivity with your user.

Become Friends with your Users!

Who doesn’t feel special to be wished and treated special on their birthdays?  Push notifications enhance the user experience by providing users with personal information that can be used to further connect with them.

Such information helps you know what users are looking for and, you can surprise them with their requirements by sending them pop-ups related to the latest offers and discounts or personalized friendly reminders.

Such friendly gestures create a positive image of your app in the users’ eyes.

Final Thoughts

Flutter push notifications have been winning hearts through their marketing strategies of retaining customers and creating a friendly bond with the users. But at the same time remember that there is a time and limit to everything. Don’t chase away your users by throwing unnecessary push notifications at them. Provide them with what they want, and you will do what you want!

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