What you need to know to write your thesis in no time

write your thesis in no time

Write your thesis in no time and achieving success is the dream of all college students. Thesis writing is a delicate and decisive phase of your academic career. This moment represents the closing of a cycle and the beginning of your new adventure in the world of work.

To write a thesis or dissertation in a short time, you need organization and planning: it is unthinkable to think of building such a complex document in a week. However, if put into practice, several tricks allow you to save a lot of time and write the thesis without having the specter of imminent delivery to the Commission.

Research Prospect provides this guide. We will tell you what the 5 steps to writing your three-year or master’s degree thesis in a short time, organizing the work, and managing deadlines. Don’t worry; we don’t want speed to compromise quality: the thesis is very important and must be a document that contains a value, so we will explain how to cut downtime and be more efficient.

If you’re ready, let’s get started right away.

What you need to know to write your thesis in no time

The degree thesis is the most important document for a student’s academic career: it is precisely through the discussion of the thesis that the long-awaited title of Doctor is won and the cycle of studies is concluded.

As you can imagine, writing this type of paper requires a lot of dedication and hard work, and knowledge of the field of study. Most students find it difficult to write a thesis: you may find yourself facing a writer’s block or have little time available. Here are the 5 tips to put into practice to write a thesis quickly.

1 – Plan each stage of writing

To reduce the time required for writing a thesis, the watchword is organization. Planning each stage of your work development is essential for several reasons:

  • Having a work progress calendar will help you not only to deliver the thesis on time but also to organize all your other activities in addition to the thesis;
  • Knowing what you have to do every day will avoid wasting time in the daily organization and will allow you to stay focused;
  • Understanding your commitments and seeing them in black and white will help you be more responsible and respect all stages of work progress.

You will have understood how important it is to organize the work to write a thesis quickly. If you are wondering how long it takes to write a thesis in law or any other discipline, know that there is no standard answer: it depends on many factors; first of all, your ability to organize yourself.

How to plan each phase of the work?

  • Get a calendar and planner;
  • Analyze your realistic chances of being able to write the thesis and ask yourself how much time you could dedicate to this task;
  • Suppose you have three hours to devote to writing your thesis. Decide how to manage your time, work 3 hours in the morning, or break up the day.

Stop here, but leave a space to enrich the planning with other information: we will explain everything to you in the next paragraphs.

2 – Analyze the bibliography well in advance

If your ambition is to write a thesis quickly, know that you will have to know the topic you will face in your work.

Knowledge of the subject is an important point for every student: to deepen this aspect; it is good to start working on a rough bibliography well in advance.

You will have to read and examine a load of relevant papers to understand what the literature has been produced so far on that topic, which questions still need to be answered, and how the research could contribute to the enrichment of the knowledge on that subject.

Precisely for this reason, the bibliography is fundamental because it allows you to map the resources to consult and represents a real guide for consulting the material.

Having a bibliography in advance will allow you to have more time to consult the material and also to find it in bookstores or libraries in your city. Surely your supervisor will be able to direct you to the best and provide you with useful information to build your bibliography.

Once you have accessed the bibliography and organized it into a list, divide each book to be consulted into chapters and integrate everything into the planning you have already drawn up previously, indicating what you need to study every day.

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3 – Set goals

If you want to write your thesis quickly, there is nothing better than setting goals. These will go into your initial planning and indicate exactly what you will do on that particular day.

How do you set a goal? Surely it must be realistic: don’t give yourself impossible goals, but aim for small goals so that you can easily reach and overcome them.

A student must have ideas of what each of its chapters should include. For this, it is useful to set a deadline for the writing of each chapter. You will have to be particularly rigid on this point: if you waste time, the thesis is unnecessarily prolonged.

This time frame can be discussed with your supervisor to help you set your deadline and know when to expect a chapter.

As we told you, to successfully start this process and not get stuck, we recommend that you set yourself small daily goals: for example, you could decide to start with 1000 words a day, as long as you seriously commit to sticking to the calendar.

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4 – Always write down your working methods

If you write a research thesis, surely you will have to devote a chapter to the method you used for your investigation. This chapter could be written very quickly if you had transcripts available, which details your approach and working method.

Whenever you try a new project, it is good practice to write down the method you apply to find answers. That method and that work setting can be adapted to the context and, therefore, inserted into your thesis with ease.

Get in the habit of writing your working methods because they will always be useful to integrate them into new jobs and perfect them. In this way, you will save time, and you will find the chapter on the method practically already written.

5 – Choose a perfect place to work

Writing a thesis quickly requires a quiet, comfortable, and, above all, away from the distractions work environment.

Losing focus will waste time and make you inefficient: write your thesis away from distractions like social media or cell phone notifications. Put all the material you need to work next to you. If you need books, a good solution is to write the library’s thesis to have everything you need available.

We have said everything about writing a thesis quickly, for today: you just have to start writing your work by following these 5 steps that will lead you to a successful job.

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