Which industries can benefit from a mobile wallet application?

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Paying by cash is quite an old school concept. People have gradually started paying with credit cards and debit cards. Then mobile wallets have started taking their place in the payment ecosystem. Mobile wallets have made it easier for people to pay directly from their smartphones. Also, digital wallets have enabled people to make contactless payments during the pandemic.

This revolution in digital payments has paved a path for the eWallet app in the markets. As per statista, the number of mobile payment users will reach 1115.2 million (approx.) in 2021. This is the best time for you to make a robust mobile wallet app for your business. For making that, you can hire software development team or you can outsource your development work to remote developers. But before you start talking with a wallet app development company, you need to look at the industries that have mobile wallet app.

Industry verticals that can benefit from the mobile wallet app

When you hear the word mobile wallet, the finance industry comes to your mind first. However, there are some other industries also which have harnessed the power of mobile wallets efficiently. Here are the industry verticals that are successfully using mobile wallet apps:

E-Commerce Companies

E-commerce companies are expanding their operations by implementing mobile wallets in their dealings. You may have a robust website for selling your products but without mobile wallets apps, your selling will be limited to only your website visitors.

The latest mobile wallet apps have now bridged the gap between the seller and the customers by enabling the sellers to sell their products directly to their customers. That is why many e-commerce companies have started investing in mobile wallet app development. This trend is growing rapidly and it will definitely be going to flourish in the future.

Fuel Businesses

Fuel businesses have also started implementing mobile wallets for providing a better payment experience to their customers. Mobile wallets have redefined traditional payment methods. Now the customers no longer need to carry heavy cash to pay for petrol. They can pay directly from their mobile wallets.

Cutting down the operating costs and other expenses can become tedious for a fuel business owner. So, if you are a fuel business owners and you want to decrease your expenses then you need to use a cashless fuel payment solution into your business. It can help you with tracking expenses so that you can make an effective strategy to decrease it.

Financial services

A mobile wallet can allow you to offer multiple services to the customers. You can offer personal loans or business loans to your customers. Also, you can give them the flexibility to transfer their loan to another bank account.

Payment service providers are also integrating digital passbooks into their wallets app. All the transactions of the wallet user get registered digitally so that the customer can easily keep a track of their bank transactions.

Event organisers

Conferences, sports, musical events, etc. are getting digital which directly impacts the customer’s experience. They can provide their customers with the facility of online ticket booking.

The intention behind implementing mobile wallets into the ticketing system is to eliminate the frauds and thefts. Also, these wallets can help the users to decrease calculation mistakes.

Event organisers are also using RFID and NFC controlled bracelets. The benefit of using these bracelets is that the organisers can allow their users to keep track of their average spending. These bracelets can also provide a faster checkout to their users.

Logistics industry

Logistics industries have also started implementing mobile wallets into their operations. By doing this, they can accept directly accept payments from their customers.

Transparency and security are the most important things in online payment. By using a digital wallet, you can simplify your client authentication and identification.

Every mobile wallet contains a QR code scanner within it. Customers just have to scan the QR code in their smartphones and the payment will be done in seconds. Also, the logistics service providers can offer some rewards or loyalty points into their eWallets to retain their existing customers and attract new customers.

Amusement parks

Mobile wallets have also become a profitable payment solution for amusement parks. It helps the amusement park owners to attract more customers by providing them with the facility of online ticket booking. By making the booking online, the payments will become fast and easy for the customers as they no more need to stand in the long lines for ticket-booking.

Mobile wallet solution can provide real-time customer insights to the amusement park owners. These insights will help them to plan promotional strategies as per the customers’ needs. Also, they can detect any issue in their service and resolve it quickly so that they do not have to lose their customers.


Digital wallets have transformed the hospitality industry by offering them with customer loyalty, increased sales, and a better brand image. eWallets has eliminated the need for cash or cards for the customers by enabling the guests to pay by their smartphones.

Also, the guest can book their rooms in advance. The records of customer’s check-in and check-out can be maintained online. Guests can also check out the promotional schemes and offers of the hotels before booking a room. In this way, the hospitality industry is harnessing the power of a mobile wallet.

Summing Up

Nowadays mobile wallets are no longer a trend, it has become a necessity today. No business can take the risk of missing the mobile wallet for their payments. If you want to make the most of mobile wallets then you need to understand its features. For that, you need to do in-depth research of mobile wallet markets.

I hope this blog has provided you with all the necessary information about the industries that are using mobile wallets. Still, want to know more about mobile wallets? then follow this space.

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