Whip Smart Two Wheelers Maintenance Tips and Guide

Two-wheeler maintenance

Two-wheeler maintenance isn’t easy, and there are specific two-wheeler maintenance tips and two-wheeler maintenance guides to follow in these trying times.

The world is in the unyielding clench of a deadly virus, and unlike anything, anyone of this generation and before has seen in their lifetime. Pandemic lockdowns made people stay entirely locked inside the safe hideout of their homes. Two-wheeler maintenance is vital for the health of the engine. Pandemic is a thing no one imagined would have been possible in a world where hardly anything ever stops. However, with every passing day, the measures to curb the virus on its toes itself have been growing. New standards, protocols, and business have been put into place to keep a tight rein on the virus’s mushrooming. Owners of two-wheelers are following two-wheeler maintenance tips to help curb the spread of this deadly disease.

The one thing everyone wants for themselves is sanity and regularity and to get the life they had previously. We have a collective responsibility and rationality to help bring down the virus and protect humanity from such a deadly virus. There is no cure yet, and our best bet is to be cautious and nimble-witted.

Everyone in the world is immobilized and static, and so are their belongings like two-wheelers. Two-wheelers remain exposed to the natural elements, which can lead to a significant breakdown of the vehicle’s internal well-being; it is like a human body, after all. Two-wheeler maintenance guide includes the need to be on the run; they need to be like a well-oiled machine, which will pull the plug on the vehicle’s deterioration. When the virus curbs down due to our strenuous efforts, we can resume our everyday life like before, knowing that every person had input to stop the virus in its tracks.

Some two-wheeler maintenance tips will be highly beneficial and will give a propitious result.

Sanitization and Hygiene for two-wheeler maintenance:

Two-wheelers are unlatched, and two-wheeler maintenance is strict as their body is prone to dust, viruses due to their mechanism and design by default. Several touch points like the handle grips, the several switches, the mirrors on both sides, the keyhole area, and of course, the oil tank area. These points are touched several times by bare hands and can be a breeding ground for viruses if not sanitized properly. To ensure that when the pandemic is easing and the gates to the outside world finally open, the two-wheeler parked in front of your home be deemed safe, there has to be a sanitization protocol.

Wear gloves and wrap a mask around your face; a face shield would be even better. Take sanitizing sprays or any other cleaning supplies needed to make you two-wheeler spik and span, and start cleaning all the significant touchpoints as mentioned. Sanitizing is the way of life and a safe and whip-smart way to a two-wheelers maintenance.

Upkeep of the Two-wheeler

Two-wheeler maintenance can be a task and may seem humdrum, but the results are always prolific in the long run. You can follow specific pointers, like when your two-wheeler is fuel-injected, do not twiddle and mangle the throttle when you thumb the starter. If your two-wheelers battery is not pristine incipient and shows its age, once the motor has warmed up to its operating temperature, you will have to rev and spur the engine for the battery to charge. Use the owner’s manual to disconnect the battery’s negative terminal. If your two-wheeler has a center stand, use that instead of the side stand to take off the excess pressure from the suspension and the Tyre.

Shelter of protection
We should do protection in all probability. As long your two-wheeler is stationary, you need to keep it protected by using a cover for a superior two-wheeler maintenance. It is always better to invest in a custom-made two-wheeler protective cover; however, you can use an old bed sheet over it if you do not have one. One major issue for all two-wheeler owners is the bird droppings, so it would be a better option to park it in a place where it is not exposed to bird droppings or any other natural elements that can harm the vehicles functioning parts. It is also wise to always keep a check on the Tyre pressure. This two-wheeler maintenance guide will help you even if you go for a vacation. If you are parking your two-wheeler in a garage, make sure it’s free from rodents, as they often end up damaging the wires and cutting through it.

The Security Bond
If you have no parking facility near your house, ensure that your motorcycle is not parked far away from your area of residence in an isolated area. This is an indispensable two-wheelers maintenance guide or point. Everyone should know this. There are chances of theft taking place, so you can install anti-theft devices that are readily available from the market.

Even though we find ourselves in a tight spot, each of us can use small steps to hull the virus and get back to our everyday lives by maintaining adequate measures like social distancing, wearing masks, and keeping everything sanitized and clean. It is said that it is better to look before you leap and stay at home is our best chance to beat this.