Why keeping your antivirus updated is important & How can you do that?

importance of updating antivirus

It is very crucial to keep your computer away from viruses and threats especially if you frequently use the internet. By installing antivirus, you can provide the much-needed protection but you must keep it updated.

In today’s world with the increase in numbers of viruses and the way they’re evolving it is vital to keep your antivirus updated. Updating your antivirus to the latest helps it to effectively fight against evolving threats.

Usually, most of the antiviruses come with auto-update features which help to keep the program up to date. You can even manually update your antivirus; the methods are given below.

Read along as you will come to know the importance of antiviruses, how to keep them up-to-date, and a lot more.

What happens if your antivirus is outdated

If you don’t keep your virus up-to-date then you’re missing out on the required protection to prevent risky cyber-attacks. If you get infected by the latest threats, your antivirus might not be able to defend your computer.

Updates are meant to keep your device protected from the latest viruses and make your experience better. Antivirus service provider frequently releases updates, make sure to download and install them.

The latest security patches of your antivirus will consist of the latest files that are capable of protecting you from the latest threats. And if you’re someone who hasn’t updated or installed an antivirus, make sure you do the right thing immediately.

Why is it important to keep your antivirus updated

1. Increase in cybercrime

Day after day, victims of cyber attacks are increasing which is why the importance of installing an antivirus has grown. Installing an antivirus is not the end, you need to keep the software up-to-date.

More the days your antivirus software stays outdated, the more opportunities for hackers to infiltrate your system. If you don’t want to put your sensitive data at risk make sure to keep the antivirus up-to-date.

2. Risk of losing critical data

Viruses have evolved, they can now even go undetected and steal important data from your computer. They can even disrupt your entire system and erase all the data or can make your files unreadable for you.

Keeping your antivirus outdated means you’re putting risk at your personal and professional information. Viruses like Ransomware can prevent you from accessing your files, in return, the attacker asks for huge ransoms.

Sometimes there is no surety of getting the files and hence you must keep your protection up-to-date.

Top antivirus, such as Kaspersky antivirus, constantly update their software. Constantly upgrading ensures total security against viruses and is capable enough to detect and stop viruses before they can successfully harm your computer.

3. Your virus could be transferred to others

Security is important for your system but you also need to make sure that if you’re infected it doesn’t get transferred. A virus doesn’t stick to one place, it moves around in your system and multiplies itself.

Anything that is connected directly or indirectly to your system can get infected too. To solve this issue, you need to keep your security software updated.

What are the ways to update an antivirus program?

1. Update via the program itself

Most of the antivirus designed today allows you to update itself through the software. All you need to do is open the application and look for options such as Check for updates, Update or Live Update.

2. Update via the program’s official page

When you don’t find any update utility of a particular antivirus program you can take the help of their official website. You directly download the latest version of that particular antivirus from its developer’s page.

How much frequently you should update the antivirus

The rate of virus development is very high, everyday hackers are taking numerous steps to steal a user’s information. And because of an increasing number of threats, antivirus developers detect and include them in the virus database.

The more people experience threats and antivirus detects them, the more updates will come up. Researchers are always looking for new threats and uploading them into the antivirus database. Each time a virus is detected, a cure has to be found and released to the product’s users.

Therefore, whenever any solution to prevent a new threat is found, it is released as an update to the antivirus. It is for your advantage an update is released and whenever there is one, install it.

When it comes to how frequently you should update an antivirus, I would recommend you to download and install the update as soon as it’s available.

Final Thoughts

I hope after reading this post, you have learned how important updating an antivirus is and how you can do that. In order to shield your computer from threats and viruses, you must keep it updated and maintain it.

Keep your antivirus’s signature up-to-date as helps it to identify new and existing threats effectively. Also, if you update your antivirus software, you may get new security features and bug fixes.

You can always take the advantage of auto-update features so that you don’t need to manually check for updates always, which saves you time.

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