Why Popcorn Boxes Are Given an Appealing Touch

popcorn boxes

Popcorn boxes are made to contain and secure these popping snacks at a place in the theater or movie night at home. Custom Popcorn Boxes are made in all the different shapes, sizes, and designs. These boxes are made from eco-friendly and health-friendly material that is stronger than normal paper boxes.

No movie is complete without a popcorn box full of delicious aromatic popcorn in your favorite flavor and a big beautiful box because you will never know where the whole bag of popcorn went by the end of a movie. No matter how large it is.

Whether you are running a business or planning a movie night at home with the whole gang there is no reason to go for that old school, same boring plain popcorn boxes again, ever! Popcorn boxes are designed in beautiful patterns, strips, and logos or symbols that represent the company proudly. There are various sizes of these boxes that can hold .75 ounces to 3 and more ounces per box depending on the appetite.

These custom popcorn boxes can be made on order in whatever size and design suits you. For example, if you are throwing a party for your child you will prefer smaller boxes with handles and some cartoon characters or bold colors that keep the kids engaged in the designs for a longer time. Popcorn boxes made from recycled cartons and papers which can further be recycled again and again to make them eco-friendly. These boxes are the most sustainable packaging available in the market. Custom popcorn boxes have an inner lining or coating that allows them to stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Have you ever thought why these boxes are properly designed and always keep up with the trends?

Grab Customer’s Attention

grab attention

Being the most eaten snack worldwide there is a lot of competition in the market that is why a larger number of popcorn manufacturers go for catchy color combinations, attractive designs, interesting patterns, and images that help in instantly getting the customer’s attention. Such bold designs of popcorn boxes make them stand out in the crowd very easily.

Marketing and Advertising

Custom popcorn boxes are printed with brand logos, names, and colors that are statements for the company to let people know and remember whenever they see a popcorn box.

Frequent encounter with same popcorn box in the mall, during the movie, in cinemas, and shops keep the brand alive as if someone needs popcorn, your brand name will instantly pops up in their mind because of the unconscious memory.

See Fun Side of the Story

Popcorn is not just a snack it is a whole experience and a memory. It creates an everlasting memory of fun, joy, love, and care with the people you share it with. There are a lot of never-ending love stories that started from sharing a box of hot, fresh, and aromatic popcorns.

To make your precious moments memorable and more special these boxes are given a creative and attractive look. A combination of the right colors holds the power to turn heads towards your product. Every color has its own vibe that leaves different effects on the mood of people and choosing the right colors for the right occasion surely is a game-changer for popcorn boxes.

Colors like red and pink represent love, affection, or compassion whereas yellow color grabs instant attention because of its vibrancy. Being creative with the patterns, images and text gives a quirky and funky touch to the boxes that spark a conversation between people and keep the show going.

Boost Sales


Custom popcorn boxes let a company choose every little detail from the type of material to the designs, shapes, laminations in glossy or matte, foiling, and die-cut window designs according to the theme of the company. To create an expressive first impression and increase sales these boxes are proved to be the best. Designs like window cutouts give a completely different look to the boxes as it allows the product to be seen from the outside.

Laminations in glossy or matter covering give a luxurious and high-end look to the boxes that impact the quality if the boxes and the product. It is a fact that people judge the quality of the product from its packaging. That is why it is important to give an appealing look to these boxes which results in attracting more customers.


The packaging is the first thing that a customer sees and feels before reaching the product so it has to be effective, smart, and right in every aspect from material to designs to quality. All this personalization is possible for the custom popcorn boxes in wholesale because not only the designs, cost also affects business. Buying in bulk reduces the price because of the larger number of quantity. It does not mean that getting these popcorn boxes in wholesale will reduce the quality of the product.

Attractive designs and shapes are a catch for these boxes but what makes them the best is that they are highly eco-friendly. Keeping in view the current deteriorating condition because of the non-eco-friendly packaging solutions these sustainable boxes makes them famous in the consumers. Almost all of the companies offer sustainable popcorn boxes in wholesale to reduce the carbon footprint on Earth. Getting popcorn boxes by wholesale dealers makes it easy as you can get the desired number of boxes in personalized designs.

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