Why Sennheiser Headset with Mic Are So Expensive

Sennheiser Headset with Mic

We are aware of the significant features of headsets launched by Sennheisers. They are the anticipated option of many people for their extraordinary performance. These devices are expensive for buyers, but its remarkable features pay it off. Their fashionable designs are responsible for attracting more customers. Advanced materials are used for improving the wearing styles of these devices. It is quite worthwhile to invest in these earphones.

Let’s discuss some reasons regarding the high costs of Sennheiser headset with mic.

1) Latest Wireless Technology:

Wireless technology facilitates users to relish audio with the freedom of movement. They do not need to restrict themselves to a specific place while listening to their favorite music. An exceptional wireless range is also provided for a convenient audio experience. Bluetooth 4.0 with EDR helps for connecting our devices to headphones wirelessly.


Sennheiser Headset with Mic

Another fascinating feature is NFC connectivity for instant pairing to our devices. In order to provide a hands-free approach, the price of such a gadget is extremely high. Wireless technology is introduced to bring ease and comfort to the life of people. Users prefer devices that implement wireless technology to get rid of wires or cords.

2) Phenomenal Sonic Quality:

These gadgets never compromise the quality of sound to fulfill the users’ most demanding requirements. We can also use them for enjoying uninterrupted audio due to the integration of NoiseGard technology. This latest and remarkable technology works by resisting external noises to generate crystal clear sound.

Another interesting feature of this worthy gadget is VoiceMax technology. It employs dual microphones for revolutionizing our audio communications. This technique accentuates speech quality according to the comfort level of listeners. The astounding stereophonic sound across the auditory range is offered, and it is possible due to Sennheiser’s high-end transducer of about 18 ohms.

Premium quality acoustic components are taken for providing perfect sound outputs. It is quite beneficial for making your call experience uninterrupted. Such headsets are also used for official purposes because of remarkable features. Their exceptional prevention system helps to secure people from acoustic bursts.

Moreover, prevention of hearing ability can become possible due to the latest technology implemented in these headphones. Thus, these headphones are offered at extremely high prices in the marketplace. Jabra headsets noise cancelling completely neutralize noise signal from desired acoustic output. It helps to provide crystal clear sound results for the ease of people.

Moreover, outstanding microphones used in such earphones are also quite expensive. Microphones are selected with great care by manufacturers. The reason is that mic plays an important role in meeting the audio requirements of customers. Perfect sound outcomes or phenomenal sonic results are ensured with advanced mics.

3) Enduring Material:

Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets are manufactured with quality material to protect us against any irritation. Extremely luxurious headset with a leather headband and ear pads are a source of comfort to our auricles. Eye-catchy colors with quality material are an important reason for buyers’ attraction. High-quality material spends more money in order to accomplish the user’s demands.

Extremely comfortable design is also quite helpful for making the acoustic experience of people more interesting. The material of the headset matters a lot when it comes to the quality of a product. That is why it is quite crucial to select high standard material in terms of comfortability and ear protection. Manufacturers of headphones pay full attention to the quality of the material to avoid pain and hearing loss.

4) Amazing Battery Life:

The battery life of 22 hours is offered even with the activated feature of NoiseGard. You do not need to charge batteries again and again while relishing your favorite audios. A USB charging cable is also provided with these headsets for users’ ease.

Sennheiser Headset with Mic

Sennheiser Wireless headsets is accountable for accomplishing acoustic needs of people with long lasting batteries. Lithium batteries are quite expensive because of their enhanced battery timing. Long-lasting battery timings are required by users to enjoy seamless music. Users can focus on their calls, audio, or music without any disturbance.

Cheap products do not provide the facility of good battery timing, which is not acceptable by the user. Users can spend more money, but they cannot compromise on the functionality of their product. That is why people attract to expensive headsets that not only focus on the quality of sound but also consider battery time for bringing comfort in the life of people.

5) Warranty Service:

Provided Warranty of about two years ensures user’s trust in the gadget. Users can avail of services regarding repairing and exchanging device in case of any harm. You can attain these facilities according to the company’s policy without any discomfort. Expensive products usually offer a warranty for the comfortability of people.

Sennheiser Headset with Mic

A lot of users are taking advantage of this service in case of any problem with the device. However, low quality and cheap products do not provide this facility to customers. People can avail this amazing opportunity of claiming a defect in their product within a specified time limit.


The excellent features of Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets are more than enough to satisfy customers. Latest technologies are implemented in order to make these headphones more fascinating. That is why such headsets are quite costly due to expensive parts.

High precision engineering is quite beneficial for producing such gadgets best in the marketplace, but the cost of these devices is higher due to improved functionality. These products are warranted and offer a guarantee of at least six months. Such gadgets are quite popular because of their exceptional features and superior quality sound.

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