Zoom Clone: An effectual app concerning the government sector

After the apocalyptic… ok, maybe I’ll tone it down. After the global impact of the dangerous COVID-19, many industries have resorted to video-conferencing app like Zoom to connect and get their work done, no matter how different their geographical locations are. 

Starting from enterprises to giants of so many businesses, there is not a single industry that has not used these apps to keep their work on track. The government sector is no different from many industries. 

From federal, state, and local governments, every entity has used video conferencing communication to make sure that all the essential functions are being carried out. Examples of the functions done by these entities include: 

Courts use this in conducting oral arguments, carrying out preliminary hearings, and many more. The state government uses it to witness legal documents, conduct committee meetings, issue marriage licenses, etc. Local governments use the app to conduct city council virtually, zoning meetings, etc.  

Agencies have also been using the video conferencing apps that they have done in a decade along with the government. Also by research, it is found that the government is increasingly becoming dependent on video collaboration for cost reduction, to enable continuity in several operations, and also to reach the constituents that were underserved till now. 

Video conferencing, as we all know, is a cost-effective model for most government agencies and the public sectors as they could extend their program’s reach, even by making way for collaboration with agencies, contractors, and also employees.  That’s why you should consider developing a Zoom Clone application.

Let’s look at how the Zoom meetings clone app can revolutionize the communication of the government.

  • Balance in work-life: 

This is one of the most important benefits of using video conferencing. The employees of federal and state governments can now have a better work-life balance. An increase in work-life balance as shown by many studies, improves performance, job loyalty, and morale. So it is a great investment from both the ends- organizations and employees. 

  • Flexibility in scheduling:

By not having to be restricted from attending meetings due to time and travel constraints, the app offers a flexible schedule to the people in an in-person conferencing. No more would a person have to skip from contributing their knowledge in the meeting due to their geographical location.

  • Easier collaboration:

Video conferencing has made a key role in the collaboration between employees, contractors, and other stakeholders. With the enterprising video conferencing, they may not only collaborate but also can share screens, presentations, or other media. 

  • Better communication:

Not just the in-office communication or communication between just employees, but the video conferencing allows the citizens to participate with representatives and can make their voices known from anywhere and at any time. It also provides open access to the meetings required to be available to the public, such as medical entities, education, and county.  

  • Emergency services:

With better comprehensive tools, the response teams can access the critical situation. By this, video communication is improving the safety concerts of the public. 

  • Huge cost-cutting:

There are so many scopes that can be listed in which the app has reduced the cost thereby saving the money of taxpayers. Some examples are travel cost reduction, and efficiency in communication. Though video conferencing may require investment at the start, it is a huge cost-cutter in the long run.

  • Applications in the justice system:

The effective communication between counsel and defendants is the biggest challenge in the justice system. But still, barriers like distance, availability, and cost can all be overcome using video conferencing solutions. These can be used as huge savings in taxpayers’ cases, also as a fair representation for the citizens. 

  • Increase in productivity:

The money spent on communication, scheduling difficulties, and traveling costs a lot. The other ways of cost creation are man-hours, which is one of the most important resources. 

For example, for a lawyer who is charging for their travel, that is entitled as compensation or a prisoner transferred to the meeting by a bailiff and much more. 

Imagine if there’s no need to travel and only the need to clock in at the start of a meeting. Not just money, but more things cannot be simply listed. 

Many such benefits cannot all be just comprised in this blog. But when it comes to contractors and governments, there are more requirements like security and regulatory concerns that need to be concerned. According to the industries, the requirements also change. In government, the conditions are more rigid compared to other sectors.


Since the requirements are more extensive, it doesn’t mean that the right solutions cannot be found. You can know about answers to these questions by making a non-biased comparison between other apps and plan the platforms to launch. Narrow down the choices so that you will have clarity and get set to launch the app.


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